Is your nonprofit in need of a custom solution to reach the next level?  

INIE can offer you a list of consultants providing assorted grant writing services. The selection of a consultant is entirely up to you, and it is suggested that before entering into an agreement, you review How to Choose and Work with a Consultant by Peter C. Brinkerhoff. 

INIE Consultants have paid a fee to be included in our referral list. INIE has collected this list for the convenience of our nonprofit members. Each INIE Consultant listed has agreed to provide quality services to our members. If you are unsatisfied with your experience, please let an INIE team member know. We will discuss your experience. The Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence cannot be held liable for any actions on the part of the consultants listed below nor can we be held responsible for any external webpage content linked from consultants' profile pages.

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Organization: Institute for Nonprofit Innovation

and Excellence, Inc.


Location: Tallahassee, FL

Email: [email protected]

Member Type: Consultant

Member Since: May 2022
Social Media: LinkedIn




Services Offered

Grant research assistance

Grant pipeline development

Grant proposal reviews

Fund development strategy consultations 

Grant research workshops


INIE houses the Revenue Research Center which assists nonprofit leaders with their fund development and revenue generation needs. 

The RRC provides area nonprofits with free fund development consultations and in-person access to our four national grant databases that collectively house billions of dollars in potential funding opportunities. The RRC also provides grant research assistance and plenty of other resources to help you along your search. 

In 2022 alone, the value of grants we've researched for our area nonprofits has totaled $6.9 million!

Feel free to contact us via email to schedule your free consultation.


Marcia Brevard Wynn, PhD


Organization: Marcia Brevard Wynn, PhD - Independent Grant Consultant/Contractor

Location: Apollo Beach, FL

Email: [email protected]

Member Type: Independent Consultant

Member Since: March 2023
Social Media: LinkedIn


Services Offered

Grant writing

Grant researching

Grant reviewing


I have more than 11 years of experience in the nonprofit arena including donor relations, program evaluation, program design, grant writing, grant reviewing, grant management, and major gifts. I have successfully written and secured major funding (more than $25 million) from various federal agencies, corporations, and private foundations for the full spectrum of nonprofits including faith-based, community, education, and medical organizations. 


Taylor Biro


Organization: Bread and Roses Community Funders

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Email: [email protected]

Member Type: Independent Consultant

Member Since: March 2023
Social Media: Instagram


Services Offered

Grant Research and Funder Relations

  • Continuous prospect research
  • Full development plan + tracking
  • Instrumentl, Grant Station, etc.
  • Newsletter support to funders and donors
  • Funder relationship development and sustainability

Proposal Management Strategy

  • Grants Tracker (Notion)
  • Client Hub (Notion)
  • File Management (Google Drive)
  • Report and Renewal Schedule for Contract Compliance

Proposal Writing

  • Foundation, Corporate, and Government proposal development
  • Drafted, Reviewed, and Submission
  • Upon request, develop planning and submission materials (logic
  • models, objectives, timelines, evaluation plans, budget narratives, etc.)

Proposal Reviews

  • Review of client-drafted proposal
  • Edits on grammatical, technical, and content competitiveness
  • Development of internal scoring metrics

 Resource Development

  • Custom boilerplate language
  • Streamline future proposals, grant reporting, and brand marketing
  • Agency-focused research library (includes internal and external data)


Taylor Biro holds over a decade of experience in the field of grant writing and more than $10 million in total awards. Her extensive experience with direct care and nonprofit leadership allows her to deeply understand the issues she works with, including poverty, LGBTQ+ equity, racial justice, child welfare, youth services, housing and homeless interventions, violence prevention, community development, harm reduction, trauma responses, exploitation prevention and intervention, mental health and wellness, mass incarceration, and disability justice.

In addition to her impressive grant writing and reviewing skills, Taylor is a grant reviewer for local, national, and federal funders. This provides a comprehensive perspective on the grant writing process and allows her to provide invaluable insights to organizations seeking funding.

Taylor is dedicated to creating positive change and promoting social justice through her work. She is passionate about using her skills to help organizations make a tangible impact in their communities. 


Interested in becoming a grant writing consultant and providing professional support to INIE's 99+ members? Review our informational deck below and email [email protected] for additional information.

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